1st March 2018

Why you need to try Bao, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Bao is the Chinese version of a sandwich and it is important for you to try this phenomenon of a food, as the flavours are just out of this world. The best restaurant in Parramatta wants to tell you why you should be trying Bao for yourself before we eat it all. Our seafood restaurant in Parramatta wants to tell you all the reasons to try bao:

• The bread used is called ‘Mantou’ and is the perfect amount of softness and sweetness that you’ll ever need in a bread
• Bao makes for one of the best breakfast foods
• The Chinese version of a pulled pork sandwich is a bao
• There are vegetarian options such as red bean paste and lotus seed bao
• You have the liberty of filling up your own Bao with anything you desire
• There is even a fried tofu version of a Bao

I don’t think we have typed Bao this many times before, but we really want all of our customers to experience the flavours of this food. Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant stands by it!

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