10th May 2018

A guide to the spiciest Chinese dishes by the best restaurant in Parramatta

At the best restaurant in Parramatta, we understand that people have different preferences when it comes to the spiciness of a dish. If you’re a fan of spicy Chinese food or are interested in indulging in a spicy pleasure next time you dine out, then please take note of some of our suggestions.

Ma po tofu, Sichuan
Next time you head to Yum Cha in Parramatta, try this spicy bean chili sauce dish that also includes tofu, ground pork and mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorn. This is a traditional dish in Sichuan and Chongqnig cooking.

Hot and Sour glass noodles, Chongqing
This spicy snack is famous all over china and consists of sweet potato flour glass noodles. The flour glass noodles are mixed in a soup made of soybeans, chilli paste, chilli oil and a large amount of vinegar.

Hot and sour fish soup, Guizhou
A fan favourite dish in the province of Guizhou, and very much on par with the hottest dishes at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta is this hot and sour fish soup. This dish allows you to choose your own freshwater fish, stewed in a fish broth of tomatoes, red chilli peppers, chilli oil, garlic and scallions.

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