29th May 2018

Chinese restaurant in Parramatta explains why some people can not handle spicy food

A lot of Chinese food lovers enjoy the taste of an authentic spicy Chinese cuisine, however there are some visitors to our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta that can’t deal with spice in their meal. A small piece of chilli can ruin an entire meal for one person, whilst have the smallest of impacts on another customer. We wanted to find out what’s responsible for the vastly different taste buds of our customers.

Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant researched the effect of spicy foods, with some research suggesting that the suffering some people feel when eating spicy food is all in their heads. The chemical molecules in chilli excite pain receptors on your tongue that are associated to the feeling of heat and temperature.

With many restaurant venues in Parramatta offering spicy cuisines, we were curious to find out whether people were born with a love/hate for spice. It turns out that spicy food enthusiasts aren’t born with a love for hot sauce, instead a neurotransmitter that is responsible for sending pain signals to the brain is depleted when spicy food is continually acquired by a person. Therefore, the best restaurant in Parramatta believes it is possible to train your tongue to enjoy spicy meals, by first trying mild spices such as banana peppers.

If you’re a fan of spicy food or if you prefer a sweeter dish, we have both options available for you at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta. Please contact us to make a reservation!