22nd May 2018

Different Chinese breakfast dishes, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

Breakfast dishes in China differ from region to region and are quite different to westernised breakfast foods. The best restaurant in Parramatta have put a list together for you of the different breakfast dishes you could come across in China.

1. Soybean milk and deep-fried dough sticks

Being the most common breakfast combination in China, this breakfast set usually appear together at most breakfast stalls in China. Perfect for a take away breakfast, our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta recommends you dip the dough sticks in the soybean milk to get a better taste!

2. Steamed buns stuffed with meat or soup

Served at yum cha in Parramatta, steamed buns are a very popular dish amongst Chinese people. Although they can be eaten at any meal during the day, they are most popular at breakfast. Salty flavoured buns are usually stuffed with pork, eggplant, eggs and vegetables. Sweet flavoured buns often contain creamy custard, bean paste, sesame seeds and sugar.

3. Tofu Pudding

Occasionally served at Asian Wedding Venues in Parramatta, tofu pudding is a popular Chinese snack made from raw beans. There are different flavours of tofu pudding that vary by region. In the south, the sweet version is preferred and contains ginger and brown sugar syrup. In the North, people prefer to have salty tofu pudding with soy sauce, salt or with meat.

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