3rd May 2018

The most delicious dessert selections by the best restaurant in Parramatta

When visiting a Chinese restaurant, dessert is overlooked by many customers. The reason for this is because customers are unaware of the different types of dessert China has to offer. Therefore, the best restaurant in Parramatta is going to describe to you some of the most delicious and traditional Chinese desserts.

Egg tarts
Egg tarts are a sweet and fluffy dessert, merging a puffy pastry crust with a tasty egg custard. This popular pastry can be found at many bakeries and restaurants, including Yum Cha in Parramatta.

Mango Tapioca Pudding
This is a simple dish that consists of cubed mango with pea-sized tapioca pearls in sweet coconut milk. The dessert is a healthy and light option and can be enjoyed at Chinese restaurants in Parramatta or can even be created at home. The thickness of the coconut milk varies amongst all restaurants that serve the dish, making some dishes taste more like a pudding.

Hot Candied Sweet Potato and Taro
Although some Chinese restaurants may label this dish as an entrée, it can also be classified as a dessert. The dish consists of sweet potato and taro, covered in molten sugar. Bowls of water are used to cool down and solidify the candy coating in order to make it edible.

With such a diverse range of dessert on offer, be sure to make a booking at the best restaurant in Parramatta.