5th November 2018

The best restaurant in Parramatta explain how popular beef is in China

As the second most consumed beef in China, beef is a very popular dish and is known as the king of meat to our chefs in our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta. This is because beef has a high protein content, low-fat content and a very delicious taste and texture. Beef is also known to contain various important elements such as iron, zinc, selenium, manganese and a variety of B vitamins. Detailed below are some interesting beef facts and amazing recipes.

Medical Functions

Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant understand that beef was used in traditional Chinese medicine. It was used to freshen breath, nourish spleens and stomachs whilst also strengthening muscles and bones. Especially in winter, beef was eaten to warm the stomach and maintain good health.

Popular Chinese Beef Dishes

- Black Pepper Beef: A famous Cantonese dish made from succulent pieces of beef, fried with black pepper, onions, and green and red bell peppers. Our customers at our restaurant venue in Parramatta love how the peppers are crispy, and the beef is tender.
- Poached Sliced Beef in Hot Chilli Oil: This popular Sichuan dish is cooked with chillies and Sichuan peppers, making it the perfect dish for all the spice lovers at our Yum Cha in Parramatta.

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