19th November 2018

The importance of drinking tea in China, explained by our Parramatta Chinese restaurant

In China, drinking tea is approached very differently and has a different connotation to what it has in western society. From being used to help aid digestion and used as herbal medicine to provide nutrients to a person, our Parramatta Chinese restaurant have explained some interesting facts and information on the importance of tea in China.

Explained by the chefs at our restaurant venue in Parramatta, most Chinese people drink green tea, which is much less processed than black tea. The Chinese drink green tea as it has numerous health benefits such as preventing tooth decay, aiding in digestion and helping mental alertness. The low amount of caffeine found in green tea is also beneficial on the human nervous system.

Our Yum Cha in Parramatta also want to bring to your attention that the Chinese drink tea all day long! Tea leaves are usually placed in a glass jar or cup, which is continually topped up with hot boiling water throughout the day.

Different parts in China are also renowned for their famous teas. The best restaurant in Parramatta identify that the Hangzhou region in China are well regarded for their famous Dragon Well (Lung Jing) tea.

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