29th October 2018

Famous Chinese fish recipes identified by our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta

At Parramatta Phoenix we serve delicious and authentic Chinese food in Parramatta. Fish is a very popular ingredient in Chinese cooking and our customers love the range of Chinese fish meals that we have on offer. Our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta serve fish meals such as simple battered dishes, whole fish meals and even fish in stir fries. Here is a list of the most popular types of Chinese fish recipes:

Chinese Steamed Snapper: This healthy dish involves steaming a fresh piece of snapper, usually in a bamboo steamer, which adds its own special aroma to the delicate flavour of the dish.

Chinese Style Steamed Fish: One of the most popular ways to create a steamed fish dish is to steam it on a bed of onions and Chinese cabbage. Our seafood restaurant in Parramatta usually serve trout, ling or bream with rice, drizzled with some sauce from the steamer.

Szechuan Fish: Also known as ‘Shui Zhu Yu’, this amazing Szechuan boiled fish includes dried red chillies, black bean sauce and Chinese cabbage.

Steamed Fish in Black Bean Sauce: Our yum cha in Parramatta identify this meal as a very popular choice amongst families during Chinese New Year. The steamed whole fish is coated in a black bean, garlic and ginger sauce.

To try our different types of Chinese fish recipes, please contact us and make a booking at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta.