16th October 2018

The best restaurant in Parramatta provide a guide to making the most delicious fried rice

In China, fried rice is usually lightly seasoned with salt and soy sauce, along with amounts of aromatics and meat. The best restaurant in Parramatta believe that great fried rice should have individual grains that just barely lump together when picked up with chopsticks or a spoon. Here are a few rules created by our chefs at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta to help you make the best fried rice at home:

1. Use the right rice
The perfect fried rice is all about texture. Fried rice recipes typically use Chinese-style medium grain rice which can possess a chewy fried exterior and a tender bite. Our Yum Cha in Parramatta prefer to use medium-grain white rice over Jasmine rice as it has less of a floral aroma, making it more versatile.

2. Use a Wok
Our restaurant venues in Parramatta use a Wok as they are seen as superior vessels for stir frying, rather than a skillet or pan. Wok’s offer different zones of heat as well as the ease of tossing and flipping food without spilling it.

3. Go easy with the sauce and add-ins
The mix-ins and sauce you use in your fried rice should all be flavour enhancers, keeping the rice as the star of the dish. A ton of sauce is also not required if you are using a wok that already combines the oils and mix-ins to create a delicious taste.

To try our delicious fried rice, make sure you contact and book a table at the best restaurant in Parramatta.