14th September 2018

The best food cities in China, described by the best restaurant in Parramatta

From amazing lamb dishes in the north, delicious lower eastern seaboard seafood and the rustic noodle dishes of the inner heartlands, China has a range of destinations for you to try authentic cuisines. The best restaurant in Parramatta have listed a couple of China’s incredible food cities so that you can indulge in the best food China has to offer.

Typical dishes in Suzhou include a slight sweetness to amplify the natural flavours of the meals. The cuisines most visitors enjoy are freshwater shrimp, similar to the shrimp cooked at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta, rice stuffed lotus root and ‘dragon beard’ soup noodles.

Hangzhou has a range of signature dishes that originated in this area. One of the most famous is Beggar’s Chicken, which is a stuffed chicken wrapped in lotus leaves, baked in clay and then cracked open on the table. Although we don’t use this style of cooking at our Parramatta Chinese restaurant, the flavours are fresh and delicious, making Hangzhou a place you must visit. Another signature dish is West Lake vinegar fish, made by saucing poached whole grass carp infused with vinegar.

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