7th September 2018

The sweet and light cuisines of China, by the best restaurant in Parramatta

There are many great cuisines that have originated in China, ranging from spicy, sweet and savoury meals. At the best restaurant in Parramatta, we regularly enjoy eating and cooking some of China’s finest sweet and light meals. We have listed some of our favourite types of regional cuisines below.

Cantonese Cuisine
This type of cuisine is the most popular style of Chinese food internationally. Similar to the way we cook this type of cuisine at our Chinese restaurant in Parramatta, most dishes are lightly seasoned and a little bit sweet. This cuisine is noted for having fine seafood and rice dishes.

Jiangsu Cuisine
Usually served at government banquets, this cuisine has a very fresh and refined taste. Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant makes this type of food moderately salty and sweet, and usually use seafood as the main protein serving.

Zhejiang Cuisine
In the Zhejiang region, they focus on serving fresh food to customers. The food is often served raw and is fresh, crispy and seasonal. Similar to Japanese food, fresh seafood and bamboo shoots are used in this type of cuisine.

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