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4th February 2019

Traditional Chinese New Year cuisines, explained by the best restaurant in Parramatta

During Chinese New Year, there are a lot of authentic Chinese cuisines that you can indulge in to celebrate a new year. Whether you are heading out to celebrate or if you’re hosting the party at home, the best restaurant in Parramatta has a list of some of the best meals that you can try.

Rice Cake
Our Parramatta Chinese restaurant dates rice cakes to almost three thousand years ago. Eating rice cakes in Chinese culture celebrates the beginning of the rice harvest in spring and its traditional name ‘nian gao’ translates to increasing prosperity year after year.

During Chinese New Year it is a tradition for the families of our Yum Cha in Parramatta to purchase a whole fish. The reason for this is that a fish symbolises unity. It is also important to leave leftovers as it indicates the prosperity will flow for the whole year.

Turnip Cake
Originating in the Guangdong province, Turnip Cakes are a must have for Cantonese people celebrating Chinese New Year. The cakes can be served either steamed or fried and can be eaten at our private dining in Parramatta.

We hope you have an amazing Chinese New Year and be sure to make a booking to enjoy our cuisines on this special day.