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29th March 2019

All about Sweet and Sour Sauce, by the best Chinese restaurant in Parramatta

Who doesn’t love food and who doesn’t love Chinese food? Read on to find out more about the popular Sweet and Sour Sauce as the seafood restaurant in Parramatta goes into details.

Sweet and Sour Sauce is just simply sauce that could go with anything, from pork to fish fillets. The most popular type of stir fry to go with this sauce is pork. Deep fried pork coated with a thick layer Sweet and Sour Sauce, giving your tasty buds a punch.

Traditionally, the sauce is made from mixing sugar or honey with a light vinegar. The sweetness is tasty and the sourness stimulates your appetite. This sauce is a perfect match with any staple – rice, buns and noodles.

Another popular dish is the Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. Originated from Shanghai, the pork ribs would be lightly coated in corn starch and seasoned before deep frying, then stir fried in the tasty sauce.

Craving for some sweet and sour flavours? Come on down to the best restaurant in Parramatta and check out our range of Sweet and Sour dishes. Make sure you mix the sauce in your rice for a burst of flavours!

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