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15th March 2019

Chinese restaurant in Paramatta serving up Barbecue Pork

At Parramatta Phoenix, as Parramatta’s best restaurant in Parramatta, we’re constantly serving up the hottest, most freshes ingredients in all the dishes we cook in our beautiful restaurant.

One of the tastiest dishes that we serve up is pork. Pork can be cooked a number of ways, and one of our favourites is our Barbecue Pork.

Most often found at yum cha time, our Barbecue Pork is roasted with honey, dark soy sauce and a whole bunch of flavoursome ingredients. This dish hits the tastebuds on both the sweet and savoury sides of the mouth. Once you start with a piece, it’s difficult to stop!

For those looking to pair it with a wine, the Phoenix signature Shiraz is the perfect complement to the pork, accentuating the flavours, bringing them out and giving you an experience that will want to make you come back for more.

Next time you’re at Phoenix, the best Chinses restaurant in Parramatta, be sure to try our Barbecue Pork.