Hosting and planning an event can be challenging when looking for the perfect venue. Restaurants are usually seen as the first option in the type of venue to choose from, and for a good reason.

By using a restaurant, a person will have all the most essential amenities already taken care of and choose a restaurant that has the atmosphere the planner wants for the function.

Although the decision to host a function at a restaurant is already favourable, this list will provide the perfect restaurants to choose from for functions in Sydney.


Manta is situated in Woolloomooloo and provides spectacular views. By hosting a function at this restaurant, all attendees will be impressed with the views and the overall setting that has proven to be unforgettable time and again. It’s a waterfront venue only a couple of minutes drive from the city, making it a close distance destination for most guests.

The restaurant is run by Chef Danie Hughes and specialises in seafood and steak. Mantra has a lot of space and is the perfect venue for those looking for both indoor and outdoor service with a view of the city skyline and tasteful cocktails.


Morso is a unique venue in Pyrmont with a rich history of the Australian tradition. The venue provides incredible views and a menu that will make any food lover indulge in various dishes.

The restaurant hosts frequent events, including weddings, birthdays, and engagement parties. To top it all off, the Morso team does all the hard work to provide the guests and planners with the chance to relax and enjoy the function and the tasteful food.

Kitchen by Mike

Kitchen by Mike has the perfect city setting for any function. The restaurant is well known for its quality food, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s one of the most booked restaurants for functions and parties, including work dinners and breakfast meetings.

The acclaimed Chef Mike MecEnearney established this award-winning restaurant to cater to large families and companies. They can cater to up to 90 guests, making them the perfect choice for any larger function or party.

Booking a function at these restaurants will provide a great dining experience and a successful smooth-running function.

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